2017 FWCAC Annual General Meeting to be held Saturday, 3rd February, 2018.

21 Nov

Notification of 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2017 FWCAC Annual General Meeting will be held on the 3rd February, 2018.

At the previous FWCAC Annual General Meeting, the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation Members spoke strongly about the need for AGM’s to be scheduled only once the finances are completed.

In this case, the slight delay in the finances plus the 3 week notification period to Members would have placed the AGM in the week before Christmas, which is inappropriate for all concerned. As a result, the FWCAC Board of Directors have made the business decision to hold the 2017 AGM on the 3rd of February, 2018.

The FWCAC Board of Director’s have been granted the extension of time for holding the AGM by ORIC.

Further details of the Annual General Meeting will be posted to FWCAC Members in December.

Please take the opportunity to ring, call in, or complete the secure online form below to update your contact details so that the FWCAC AGM notification mail reaches you.


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