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2018 AGM date – 23 Feb 2019

16 Jan

The FWCAC Board of Directors, having adopted the recommendation for AGM’s to be scheduled only once the Audited Financial Statements are completed, advise the 2018 AGM will be held on the 23 February 2019. (An extension was granted for this purpose from ORIC.) 200+ Members Addresses are Unknown The mail out has now been completed […]

FWC Genealogy – Aboriginal family history

30 Jun

As part of the research for the 2006 Far West Coast Native Title Claim, Lyn Coad of South Australian Native Title Services worked with members and other researchers and conducted intensive archival research on the history and family connections of the Far West Coast Aboriginal peoples. What eventuated was a comprehensive and substantiated family history […]

Meeting as one – WCS

19 Jun

HUNDREDS of people gathered at the Far West Aboriginal Sporting Complex for the first meeting of the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation (FWCAC) last week. Around 200 people attended, including representatives from each of the native title claimants including the Wirangu, Mirning and Kokatha people, and representatives from Yalata, Oak Valley and the Roberts family. […]

Federal Court hearing marks native title in far west of SA – ABC

19 Jun

A Federal Court hearing in the far west of South Australia will recognise native title over almost 76,000 square kilometres of land. It amalgamates five previous and partially overlapping areas, stretching from just north of Streaky Bay to the border with Western Australia. About 80 per cent of the land is designated as national park, […]

Traditional lands handed back – WCS

19 Jun

FOLLOWING the Federal Court decision, a number of people made speeches about the importance of the day and what it mean for the local indigenous people. Guests who addressed the crowd included Kym Duggan from the Australian Attorney General’s Department, Dan McGrath from Iluka Resources and state Indigenous Affairs Minister Ian Hunter. Mr Hunter said […]

Historic day for local people – WCS

19 Jun

FAR West Aboriginal people have rejoiced after they were granted Native Title of over 75,000 kilometres of land following a special sitting of the Federal Court at Lake Pidinga, near Yalata on Thursday. The hearing was to provide Consent Determination over claims from the Far West Coast claim group to recognise Native Title rights and […]