Welcome to the home of the Far West Coast Group of Entities

The Far West Coast Group of Entities comprises:

The Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation (FWCAC)

FWCAC manages the Far West Coast land, recognised in law (having been Determined) as belonging to the Far West Coast Aboriginal Peoples in the Federal Court Determination for Native Title on the 5th of December, 2013.

The boundary recognises the claim area of the 6 cultural groups who are represented by the FWCAC, and their subsequent cultural authority as a whole and is considered the Far West Coast region.

A decision made at Spear Creek assisted the 6 cultural groups to form a larger unified claim in order to achieve native title, and the legacy of this decision making is still observed in achieving equal representation from all 6 cultural groups.

Representation The FWCAC as Agent for Native Title represents the following Aboriginal peoples in the region through 6 distinct cultural groups:

°       Mirning Peoples °       The descendants of Edward Roberts
°       Wirangu Peoples °       Yalata Peoples
°       Kokatha Peoples °       Maralinga Tjaratja (Oak Valley) Peoples

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