Cultural Heritage Management

FWCAC has been managing Cultural Heritage since 2013 as agent for the Native Title holders and has developed a Cultural Heritage Management Policy.

This policy provides a clear understanding of the legislative, agreement and policy framework in which the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation (FWCAC) cares for, preserves and protects the Cultural Heritage of the Far West Coast Aboriginal Native Title region; and to capture the undertakings and demonstrate the commitment of the FWCAC for the protection and preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Far West Coast and that of the Far West Coast Peoples.

Cultural Heritage is what our
Far West Coast Aboriginal ancestors
have left behind as their legacy to us.
We will protect and preserve it.
We will manage it.

There are 6 key Policy Objectives

  1. Manage the FWC Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
  2. Pursue the best Cultural Heritage protection and preservation outcomes for the Far West Coast Aboriginal Peoples.
  3. Provide ongoing sustainable professional Cultural Heritage services as the Far West Coast Traditional Owners.
  4. Ensure positive Cultural Heritage outcomes across the FWCAC’s scope
  5. Ensure effective Far West Coast Traditional Owner consultation.
  6. Provide a rich and strong Cultural Heritage legacy

Download the full Cultural Heritage Management PDF here.

For any queries or comments please contact FWCAC on 08 86 253 341