Co-management of parks in South Australia

Co-management of parks in South Australia


  • recognises and respect the connection between indigenous Australians, their cultural heritage and connection with place and country; and
  • enables DEWNR to work in partnership with indigenous communities to cooperatively manage parks and biodiversity and to support the management of their land.

A co-management agreement is based on four principles, to:

  • ensure the continued enjoyment of the park by the traditional owners for cultural, spiritual and traditional uses;
  • ensure the continued enjoyment of the park by members of the public;
  • ensure the preservation and protection of Aboriginal sites, features, objects and structures of spiritual or cultural significance within the park; and
  • provide protection for the natural resources, wildlife, vegetation and other features of the park.

The National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 (SA) (NPW Act) provides for the joint management of national parks and conservation parks in South Australia with Aboriginal groups that have a traditional association with the land through entry into co-management agreements.

Co-management and the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation

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Co-management Agreements (CMA) were signed on 5 December 2013 between Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation and the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Natural Resources for parks in the Far West Coast Native Title Area.

The Nullarbor Wilderness Protection Area CMA sets the requirements for the Nullarbor Advisory Committee which provides advice to the Minister and Director of National Parks on the management of the Nullarbor Wilderness Protection Area and Nullarbor Regional Reserve.

The Yumbarra Conservation Park CMA sets the requirements for the Yumbarra Co-management Board which has control and management of the Yumbarra Conservation Park and advises on the management of Yellabinna Regional Reserve, Yellabinna Wilderness Protection Area, Wittelbee Conservation Park, Wahgunyah Conservation Park, part of Pureba Conservation Park, Point Bell Conservation Park, Laura Bay Conservation Park, Fowlers Bay Conservation Park, Chadinga Conservation Park and part of Boondina Conservation Park.